Why choose Montessori?


  • Initiative and Freedom: each child and student discovers and adapts to the world through their interaction with the space around them. At each stage they are provided with the right experiences for their stage of development and interact in a guided but free way.
  • Trust and Responsibility: each child and student is responsible for their particular task and their development as a person.
  • Emotional, Social and Teamwork Skills: work in a Montessori classroom is based on the association and cooperation among peers, with the aim of developing their own potential and promoting interpersonal skills.
  • Basic Executive Functions and Problem Solving: the Montessori Method prepares students for adult life by creating the learning conditions necessary to develop their ability to set goals, make decisions, maintain curiosity and continually improve themselves and what surrounds them.
  • Creativity: the challenge of facing complex problems ensures that the child and the student develop their creative ability to respond to stimuli. The founders of Wikipedia, Google and Amazon were all Montessori students, among many others.
  • Experience: Montessori Palau Figueres has been integrated with Montessori Palau Girona, a school with 50 years’ experience which has allowed the curriculum and methodology to be designed and revised based on its experience.
  • Innovation: Montessori Palau Figueres and Montessori Palau Girona work in an integrated manner and, in coordination with the Innovation and Training Section and with the Department of Psychology, Pedagogy and Orientation, with international teams and research centres to integrate advances, in fields such as neuroscience, in order to improve the educational experience.

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