Infant Education

The Absorbent Mind Stage, which is the basis for the creation of the person.

From 0 to 6 years the brain is in the formation stage, one Dr Montessori called "the Absorbent Mind stage", in which the basis of the creation of the person is established. In this phase each student is cared for individually, allowing their potential to develop, attending to their sensitive periods and ensuring that they develop personal autonomy. At this age the child has a special unconscious sensitivity for language learning, ordering, sensory refinement and refinement of movement.


The Prepared Environment

Classroom with specific areas to promote the development of the child's potential.

The classroom for the 1st cycle of Infant Education is 65 m2 and 120 m2 for the 2nd cycle. The classrooms are equipped with all Montessori material, arranged in a specific and precise order and tailored to the child.

The environment of the Infant Education classroom is similar to that of a home and has an attractive design in order to arouse the child's interest and sensitivity.


The Role of the Adult

Observing the child and guiding them with great respect for their potential.

Guiding the child with great respect for their potential: the environment is designed and prepared, adapting it to each stage of development, a link is created between the child and the environment. The adult is a role model and a great observer, as they must understand the interests and needs of their students.

The adult-Guide presents the developmental materials and, in order to consolidate knowledge, the student works autonomously, practicing the presentations with total freedom.


The Principal Work of the Child

Focused on promoting self-control which is the basis of sociability.

The child practices, makes a mistake, repeats, until he/she finds self-perfection. They have the freedom to choose the materials they will use to work with. Through the realisation and repetition of the material presented and its sensory examination, it allows them to express the human tendencies for their self-construction, both psychic and physical, building neural connections in their brains.


The Infant Curriculum and its Extensions

Stimulation of multiple intelligences to promote early stimulation.

The Infant Education Curriculum at Montessori Palau Figueres goes beyond the official curriculum. The main basis is Montessori Method and the principles of early stimulation. The fundamental objective is the adaptation of the child to the world through neuro-sensory-psychomotor development and social experience. Bearing in mind the psychological characteristics of children and their sensitive periods, in the classroom the student has the opportunity to work autonomously with developmental materials that, simultaneously stimulating multiple skills or intelligences, serve to develop and refine the senses and movement and enhance language and communication with peers and adults by putting them in daily contact with the four languages.


Video of the stage

Below, we share a video of the educational stage.


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