Primary Education

Stage of reasoning, imagination and intellectual and moral development.

Between the ages of 6 and 12, we are in the stage of the reasoning mind, of imagination, of the acquisition of culture and of intellectual and moral development.

In this phase the Montessori Method allows self-confidence to be built and the autonomy and initiative of each child to be consolidated while respecting their learning rates and abilities.


he Prepared Environment

Classroom of 120 m2 with specific areas for the personal and educational development of the child.

Primary classrooms are designed to promote the acquisition of culture and for intellectual and moral exploration, for working as a team and discovering the universe. The room is divided into different specific areas and is equipped with Montessori materials in order to develop the abstractive power of each student.

Cultural outings throughout the year are an aid to understanding the workings of the real world.


The Role of the Adult

Observing and guiding the student towards the acquisition of knowledge and culture.

The Primary teacher designs and prepares the environment through knowledge of the universe. They encourage teamwork for the social and moral development of the child and provide experiences so that the child can explore different areas of knowledge.


The Principal Work of the Child

The child actively participates in their development.

The student is free to choose their work, they must commit themselves and make decisions. Once the activities have been presented to them, they practice autonomously and expand the content either individually or as a group. Self-construction is gained through experimentation and exploration of the environment. This allows the child to develop initiative, autonomy and creativity. Every day they have 3 uninterrupted hours of continuous work.


The Primary Curriculum and its Extensions

The child works in all areas of knowledge and disciplines. Cosmic Education interconnects all areas of knowledge.

The Primary child has the interest and ability to expand his or her area of knowledge far beyond what surrounds him or her. Dr Montessori designed a curriculum where all areas of knowledge are interconnected and called it "Cosmic Education".

To carry out this programme, students have a long school day in order to explore, experiment and develop their own ideas.

The adult must take into account the pace of each child, know their interests and ensure a suitably prepared environment. The student receives presentations of Montessori materials corresponding to the different areas of knowledge and consolidates the content by performing several repetitions.

The students perform daily classroom tasks in order to maintain order and cleanliness in their shared space. For one hour a week, the whole group is brought together to encourage decision-making and conflict resolution.


Video of the Stage

Below, we share a video of the educational stage.


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