Secondary Education

Stage of the creation of the social person.

Between 12 and 16 years, the teenager experiences a series of physical and psychological changes in which, starting from the reasoning mind, they initiate the path towards the creation of their social person. In order to build their own identity and to participate in the real world, they must deepen their self-knowledge.

Montessori Palau Figueres prepares students to be creative, independent, responsible and enterprising, skills that will help teenagers to join the real world with greater self-assurance both of themselves and when making their own decisions.

Once they finish the 4th year of ESO, they have a guaranteed place to study for their baccalaureate at Montessori Palau Girona. 


The Prepared Environment

A 100 m2 classroom and laboratory for promoting teamwork.      

The secondary classroom is connected to a laboratory and is equipped with the latest information and communication technologies. Its arrangement is designed to promote group work and knowledge management and to create different work environments.


The Role of the Adult

The adult encourages critical analysis in the student and guides them by observing their emotional and personal states.

From the constant observation of the emotional and personal state of the adolescent, the adult encourages critical analysis in the student and guides them, adapting to their needs. The attention that the adolescents receive is very individualised, since we work with ratios of approximately 20 students.


The Work of the Child

The work system is designed so that the student maintains the desire to keep on learning.        

Secondary students need to work both individually and in groups in order to self-construct their own identity. The aim of working in cooperative groups is to make the teenager experience real world situations based on different experiences and to develop a critical dialogue and analysis of knowledge.


The Secondary Curriculum and its Extensions

Research projects and guidance for discovery, for creativity in order to maintain the desire for learning, cooperative work, PBL, real world occupations and international projects.

The students work starting from guide sheets on which they are presented with various research projects and guidelines for discovery. The purpose of working using these guide sheets is to develop independence, initiative, creativity, responsibility and awaken the curiosity of the teenagers.

In order to bring the teenagers closer to the real world, each week the pupils do what is known as Service and Productive Occupations. Some of these Service Occupations consist of carrying out support tasks for the Infant and Primary children or administrative, management and communication tasks. As regards Production Occupations, the pupils manage the kitchen garden and maintenance of the school.


Video of the Stage

Below we share a video of the stage.


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